Sacred Geometry appears in all of nature. Nature provides gifts of wisdom, beauty and healing that have the capacity to reach deep within. Meditation through visualization using Mandalas made based on the principles of Sacred Geometry is a perfect way to stimulate new connections and reach the inner self. Each Beee Art Mandala is made using Sacred Geometry principles and acts as a geometric-mathematical window (or Microcosm representation of a Macrocosm) for you to have a unique visual-energetic experience as you meditate with the pieces. These Sacred Geometry variables tap into geometric archetypes with trigger unique sensations, visualizations and much more. 

Visualization with Mandalas and Sacred Geometry has provided better understanding for advanced civilizations throughout history. One of the reasons this is a perfect daily practice is because it is a Yoga for the Mind and stimulates a meditative journey that can help connect points that create new neural activity and wherein you can discover blessings and gifts that lay dormant waiting for you to discover. 


I love Sacred Geometry and the different mental and visual fields that can be produced when this is combined with specific colors. I use different mediums which combined with the geometry and colors, help produce  different effects and become a work of art or a tool to help stimulate a unique “inner-visual-field” for each person.

I’ve always been fascinated by numbers and geometric shapes. My passion with actually drawing these shapes came while in Junior High School and kept evolving through the years.

The Arts have always had a prominent place in my life and as a music major in college I learned about musical proportion and rhythm while harmonizing with a choir every day, but it was tuning pianos every morning that had a profound impact as I began to become more aware of subtle vibration and how colors and geometry would change in your visual field due to these.

Eastern traditions of healing and reading have also held my interest throughout my life and many times I came across mentions of the utilization of Mandalas as a method of engaging the mind. As I discovered Mandalas I deepened my meditative practice and came to discover many things during this time meditating about 8 hours a day for about 8 months, with and without visualization with Mandalas. During this time I began to learn about Sacred Geometry and fractals.

Meditation as a practice is one of the most important things an artist can do.  It not only gives the artist a window into him or her self to allow for greater understanding of their own being, but also of their medium and expression.
It is a tool for reflection that allows for personal as well as artistic growth.

I began drawing geometry passionately for months after getting laid off in January of 2012 and my mind was blown when I discovered an image of Cymatic expressions of piano notes being played as they look like my early digital works.
I came to the realization that important and repetitive matters in our life become engrained in our psyche and as my parents are lovers of art, my father is an Engineer and my mother a nurse who is also a healing touch practitioner, my surrounding always dealt with systems, healing and arts.
The Art of healing is what Beee Art promotes via meditation with works of art based on Sacred Geometry principle and proportion.

While I am just beginning this journey, I seek to promote the art of meditation for all levels of practitioners from the advanced to the beginner as it takes on a different form through the visualization of geometry and color.

Luke 17:21 … ” the Kingdom of God is within you.”