Yoga for the mind

Mandalas have been a way to heal, train the mind and discover hidden talents for thousands of years.

Geometry and colors are music to our visual senses and help stimulate mental points & connections that have the capacity to affect our bio-magnetic fields. These same connections can take us to states of greater understanding where we can discover many gifts.

The more you keep your practice, the more results will come to light as your mind gets clearer and you begin to tap into your natural gifts. Mandalas promote the ability to understand more clearly, also called neuroplasticity, where the brain begins to tap into healing states of consciousness.

Dimensions come to life as the viewer notices the different planes in the geometry dance.

A Mandala can help you do many things, accessing your subconscious so that you can meditate, think with more clarity, connect on a deeper level, heal on many levels, heal many different kinds of issues, open energetic centers, develop on various levels, relieve stress and have breakthroughs! 

Beee Art mandalas are ideal for yoga and meditation.