Meditation 101 – Mandalas

Many people have asked me about how to meditate. The commonality between many people who would like to embark on this path to meditative wellness is that the mind is so used to moving constantly that people give up after the first few minutes after not seeing immediate results.

Beee Art Mandalas make a great tool for the beginning or advanced meditator and provide a great tool to transition into the quiet mind as the focus is on the geometric mathematics and visuals that engage the mind, rather than trying to go from busy to Zen in a minute flat. The mind is stimulated in a unique manner as it recognizes archetypical geometric shapes and universal proportions engrained in our own psyche and we begin to perceive images in 3D. These images may be the 3D geometry imbedded in the 2D plane, or something completely unrelated unique to the each person gazing into the work. 
While a  regular practice will help calm and connect the mind, it is important to always focus on your breathing and take deep slow breaths that will help oxygenate your body. 
Depending on the purpose of the meditation, you can have an intention set for your meditative time, keep a focus point in thought or vision and even journal while doing so. 
If you would like to meditate but have never done so, try choosing a Beee Art Mandala you resonate with and look into the center while taking some easy deep breaths. Allow yourself 15 minutes or whatever is comfortable for you. Increase a minute or two every day and you will begin to see the benefits of meditation in only a few weeks. 
Happy Meditating and Namaste!