Affirmations for pieces or Self

Every thought produces an energy current and therefore, consciously or unconsciously, create our world around us. In order to better our state of living we must learn to observe and consciously create our thoughts. An affirmation is a thought created to manifest a blessing or better our state of being.
There are a vast array of affirmations, but thinking of programmable affirmations for our jewelry pieces, here are a few we can say or think while holding a Beee Art piece or any other metal or crystal piece. As you hold the piece in your hands say or think of the blessing or affirmation you would like the piece to resonate to. You can say or think these a few times and also “you will remember and carry this affirmation / blessing from now on”.

“I am love, I am surrounded by love, Love flows through, with and in me. I move with God’s love perfectly and God’s love moves all around me perfectly. I breathe and grow in God’s love, grace, warmth and embrace; Growing in peace, harmony, attraction and abundance by his divine hand and goodness.”

“I am blessed by God within and his fountain of blessings, gifts, miracles, youth, magic and alchemy from within and all around me.
A constant stream of beauty and love flow in perfect ways and perfect waves. Thanks God, for I am with, in and through your perfection.”

“I resonate with love, peace, magic, miracles, blessings and abundant flow as is gifted by God’s grace, goodness and Divine hand, specifically and perfectly for me now”

If you would prefer, you can make your own program that can deal with flow, the heart, attraction or more. Be creative, for the mysteries and blessings of God know no boundary. We are only limited by our thoughts.