More about Beee Art – 3D Art

Beee Art is a play on words.
Inspired by flowers, nature and sacred geometry, Beee Art creates geometric Mandalas that can be used to gaze to connect to your gifts.

As a bee goes into a flower to extract gifts, so we can go into these Geometrical Mandala Flowers so that we can connect to our gifts!
As the bee then puts the honey into a hexagonal container which helps alchemicaly balance the honey, so we work with hexagonal patterns, which are a natural healing and balancing resonance. As demonstrated by Dr. Masaru Emoto in his book, Hidden Messages in Water, like many of his other books, each positive intention always forms a hexagonal crystal giving us a window into understanding what a healing resonance looks like…. hexagonal patterns!

The term Beee also describes the state of Being, when we open to understanding and healing and everything just is… which is what visualization with these Mandalas promotes! It is when we allow our minds to relax and breathe properly that we can come to a state of Beeeing where we may come to better understanding and allow wonder to happen in our lives. 

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